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How changes in energy requirements and production will shape our world !
Jean-Marc Jancovici will give a presentation about his favorite topic: how the world will have to deal with the change in energy requirements and production in the coming years considering scarcer resources and climate change. Afterward, you will have time to ask questions in an interactive Q&A session.

Jean-Marc Jancovici has a clear vision, which will provide for an interesting discussion: He is a vocal supporter of nuclear energy, and advocates for nuclear power to become a dominant energy source. He believes the climate urgency requires closing all coal power plants worldwide within 30 years. He argues that non-nuclear renewable energies will never be sufficient to transition to a carbon-neutral economy. He is on a mission to spread scientific knowledge about energy and climate change.

May 30, 2022 07:15 PM in Paris

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Jean-Marc Jancovici
Founding Partner, Carbone 4 - President, The Shift project
Jean-Marc Jancovici, one of the leading voices in France on energy transition and climate change, will come on campus to INSEAD. He is a co-founder of the consulting firm "Carbone 4" and the founding president of the think-tank "The Shift Project" which has great influence on French and European policies. More details on his projects: - The Shift Project, a corporate-sponsored think tank established in 2010, which advocates a progressive phase-out of fossil fuels from our economy. - Carbone 4 consultancy Firm (2007) is a Paris-based consultancy specialized in adapting human activities (especially economic activities) to any kind of energy constraint (lack of oil, lack of gas, lack of electricity, rising prices, rising constraints on greenhouse gas emissions, new norms or regulations, etc.).